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“The System Is Ungovernable” – Professor Black

The financial system has been operating under “Gresham’s Dynamic” for some time. This simply means that bad ethics drives out good ethics. Professor Black is both a professor of law and economics, and was a high level financial regulator. link

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US Gold is Gone – Dr Paul Craig Roberts

If the US is unable to deliver Germany’s gold to Germany. If the gold comex market is potentially one delivery request from default. If the top regulator in Germany has stated that metals manipulation is worse than libor. If Deutsche … Continue reading

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Gold. Comprehensive summary of manipulation. Critical situation.

Dr Paul Roberts provides a definitive summary on the gold market manipulation: Eric Sprott describes this further here in this interview: Here is his analysis: Here is the current critical situation in the gold comex market:

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Financial Alchemy Not “Honest-to-goodness Investment”

“The U.S. economy – thanks to the Fed – has been operating a $1 trillion share buyback program nearly every year since late 2008, buying Treasuries but watching much of that money flow straight into risk assets and common stocks … Continue reading

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