Investment Management, Financial Planning, And Market Insights

What does “Invest Like the Best” mean for you?

  1. Define the highest standard of investing from the multidecade records of the most successful Investors.

  2. Define their principles and practices, and see where you stand using best investor metrics.

  3. Learn the techniques to move your asset management in a better direction.

  4. Enjoy the multiple benefits from “Invest Like The Best”

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Why I wrote this book:

Financial Education and Services:

1. Discretionary asset management. As outlined in my  Amazon best selling book “Invest Like The Best”. Comprehensive analysis and reporting. Full transparency and real time view of multiple investment models in action.

2. Extensive investment reporting service. For investors who prefer to stay “hands on” with their portfolios, this enables the investor to stay as the decision maker for the account, yet get access to “best investor” metrics and deep analysis of your portfolio. This is described in chapter 7, but goes much further.

3. Automate your portfolio optimization. The most immediate way to improve your portfolio is to optimize your position sizing and risk management. This can be done automatically  through simple software signals, as described in chapter 9.

4. Multiple options strategies transform your portfolio performance profile for asymmetrical return/risk.

5. Webinar version of the book “Invest Like The Best”. This is an online course to go into greater depth on an interactive basis on developing more optimal investment strategies.

6. Best Investor portfolio grade. Assess how closely your portfolio management compares to “Best Investor” principles, practices, metrics and behaviour. Then what to do.

7. Introduction to software based investing, for improved long term performance. Tailored system design and signals provided. Improve your “Investment Mindset Framework”, as described in chapters 1 and 2.

8. Research based investing. Combine some of the best independent research with system based execution, and save on time and cost.

9. Strategy based investing. As the cycles turn so should your portfolio. Use software based systems to execute optimally and consistently for full cycle investing.

10. Support for setting up with the most highly ranked online broker for depth and breadth of market access,

11. Comprehensive Financial planning. Discounted access to CFP financial planning.

12. Connection with other specialists. CPA, Insurance, and Estate Planning, including discounts.

13. Speaker at seminars, or small groups.