How Debt Matters. Many Countries Face Either Crisis Or Stagnation.

March 12, 2017

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Steve Keen’s brilliant work is as essential to understanding the world economy as it is hard to find. In general mainstream economic academics regard his work more as heresy than as an opportunity to improve their tragic forecasting and policy advice.
In this brilliant short version of his work Steve Keen lays out exactly where the error in mainstream economics lies. This opinion has now even been fully accepted in recent research from the Bank Of England.
Understanding Steve Keen’s brilliant work improves the framework in how to view the world of economics. Don’t miss this exceptional talk from one of the few economists who correctly predicted the 2008 crash well in advance.
Published on Mar 8, 2017

“This talk on whether we can avoid another financial crisis, and what caused the last one, was arranged by New City Agenda ( uk/keen) and held in a committee room of the House of Commons.

I cover what caused the crisis (credit), why mainstream economics erroneously ignores credit, and the empirical data showing which countries face continued stagnation, and which countries face a future private debt crisis.”
Steve Keen



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