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Global Economic Policy Insanity And “Markets”

Global economic policy makers are now fully engaged with short term desperate measures. It is crucial that investors understand how far policy has moved into the twilight zone. Markets no longer have much if any relation to underlying fundamentals. This … Continue reading

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The case for GVAL as a long term strategy

Here are the results of the long term strategy used by GVAL as compared to US equities over the last 20 years. This is particularly relevant when US equities are historically very expensive. link to article

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The central banks are the problem not the solution

This chart shows clearly how the Federal Reserve has driven US equity markets to an altered state: No question the relationship between equities and bonds has materially changed over the last 2 years or so. In particular, how do … Continue reading

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Stephanie Pomboy Nails The Economic Predicament In 15 Minutes

The gap between consumer spending and corporate profitability has never been wider. The Federal Reserve will have to continue printing:

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Meb Faber’s Recent Presentation

Meb Faber’s recent presentation is now on his web site. It is a very good introduction to how he thinks about asset management and operates his funds. He now manages SYLD, FYLD, GVAL, and GTAA.

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