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New Model Portfolio Structure

As the investment outlook becomes increasingly uncertain, it is worth testing the limits of portfolio construction to see how much of this risk could be automatically handled at the allocation stage. Can a portfolio be created that would automatically readjust its asset allocation between … Continue reading

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QE Lives? Bank Manipulation Library. Risk Management.

It turns out that QE did not really end last month. Only officially. It is more than likely that the big banks are now operating a “shadow QE”. So much for policy transparency, accountability, etc.. It is becoming harder than ever to draw … Continue reading

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Ritual Incantation. GYEN Bellwether. Trend Supremacy. Adaptive Allocation.

The ramifications of last week’s Halloween raid by the Bank of Japan have only just begun. Japan is leading the grand monetary experiment and this was a new acceleration in central bank policy, which will have ramifications far beyond Japan itself. The … Continue reading

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Precious Metals Crisis: Disaster,Opportunity or Both?

Are the gold and silver markets a key component of Financial Repression? Are there any limits to naked paper shorts? What can miners do when prices fall below cost of production? If solar energy takes off, is there enough silver to meet demand? … Continue reading

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#CrackUpBoom Investment Solution: Adaptive Allocation

This week it became clearer where the central banks are taking us all. No matter how much QE has repeatedly failed to produce a sustainable recovery, at least to many, it looks like success if it forces the stock markets higher. Central … Continue reading

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