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Investor? Or Federal Reserve Minion?

"We're all minions now of the stock market" QE has no impact on Nominal GDP growth Interest rates now insensitive to liquidity excess Banking Lending mainly for capital markets not economy S&P 500 at new low 12 year expected return Interest rate hike talk fuels...

S&P 500 Earnings Recession. Policy Panic.

Q3 earnings look like confirming an earnings recession Caterpillar results indicate a global industrial depression But what do earnings have to do with stock markets? Buybacks USD/JPY China Too! Policy ever more desperate, even less effective Low Risk and Some Real...

Federal Reserve In The Caboose.

  Simple behavioral explanation for Fed policy statements. Fed never had an exit strategy. Documented. Astonishing 82% of "Economisseds" are still following the Fed. Effective cycle and macro models left the train months ago. Successful investing is proactive and not...

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