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Launching Quant Agora

TradeStops have recently announced a new level of portfolio management capability that they call “Pure Quant”. This technology takes their already highly successful “Stock State Indicator” (SSI) and makes it easy to apply to a wider range of investment ideas … Continue reading

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“Shocking Truth” About Policy, Central Banks, and Markets

Central Bankers are the source of the instability they themselves are supposed to remedy. Central Banks are supporting mind boggling leverage in the system to fuel market support, compounding the instability. Central Banks then “solve” that problem too – Market Intervention … Continue reading

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How China Could Change The Global Financial System.

Bank lending stopped growing immediately Trump was elected. Capital One’s charge-off rates are climbing steeply from Q3 2016. What happens when the old debt starts decaying faster than new sugar shot debt can offset? “objectives can only be achieved by … Continue reading

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