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weekly investment insight 08302021

The 5 most impactful comments. 1. The US has the easiest financial conditions ever and is far behind the rest of the world in starting to reverse policy. In fact the Fed increased asset prices over the...

weekly investment insight 08232021

  1. Are you a Dunning-Kruger? How good do you think you are? 2. Central Banks cannot really taper with this slowdown. 3. The Dollar's Debt Trap. 4. When the ducks are quacking, feed them. Stock issuance breaks all records. 5. Wild Divergence. The gap between...

Weekly Investment Insights 08162021

1. The folly of ruling out a collapse. The valuation metric that most closely inversely correlates with poor future long term returns is unequivocal. 2. "Scramble for survival" for the next decade. Don't miss Larry Lindsay's Interview. 3. "Noise. A flaw in Human...

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