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Chris Belchamber is the managing and founding partner of Chris Belchamber Investment Management, LLC. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Mathematics from Oxford University in England, Chris began his financial services career that spans more than three decades. His experience began as an analyst for a stockbroker and then serving as a bond analyst in London in the early 80’s, when he authored a book on the UK government bond market published by Credit Suisse First Boston. For 8 years Chris worked for JP Morgan running their government bond desk and then with the Sterling Fixed Investment Portfolio as Managing Director followed by acting as a full time proprietary trader across all markets. This is where Chris found his passion for trading and decided to move to the United States in 1997 to focus on trading his own capital.
Chris Belchamber - Registered Investment Adviser

“In life and investing, I have found that the best way to evolve starts with finding out who is best at what they do, under stand it, and then incorporate it into your own process.”

– Chris Belchamber

Chris had a vision of developing his own firm and working to help others through trading and expanding into the client advisory business and financial planning and formed Chris Belchamber Investment Management, LLC in 2003. He has a mission, as an investment advisor, to help his clients avoid the hidden pitfalls in the investment process and achieve a successful long-term outcome to help them retire comfortably. He begins with a discovery process that is individualized for each client starting with investment suitability and ensuring that his client fully understands the investment process while providing full transparency, information access and accountability.

Chris Belchamber Investment Management provides fee-only advisory services so that there are never conflicts of interest. He receives no benefit from turnover or commissions on any product allowing him to have a truly objective approach to the investment advice he gives to his clients. Operating as a fiduciary is a priority with an objective of establishing a long-term relationship with his clients, and understanding what they hope to accomplish and devising goal-focused solutions to meet those objectives, monitoring results and suggesting and implementing changes as needed.

Chris resides in Mclean, VA. His son graduated from Carnegie Mellon and is working for Booz Allen as a software developer in Washington DC.

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