About Chris BelchamberIndependent Trader in DC and Maryland

I have a Masters degree in Mathematics at Oxford University, England. I graduated in 1980.

1980 to 1984 I worked for a Life assurance company (Friends Provident) and a pensions consultancy (Noble Lowndes) as a computer programmer and actuarial trainee. In 1984 I worked for a British Stockbroker as an analyst. This company was taken over by Chase Manhattan.

I was hired by CSFB in London in 1986 as a bond analyst. This developed additionally into arbitrage trading on the UK government bond desk. I also wrote a 400 page book on the UK government bond market which was published by CSFB and subsequently in hardback version in the US.

In 1989 I was recruited by J.P.Morgan to run their UK government bond desk (Sales and Trading). This operation was struggling at the time and they were considering closing it. We managed to stabilize the business and continue operations on a modestly profitable basis. In 1990, I was given the additional responsibility of running the bank’s Sterling Fixed Income Investment Portfolio. Subsequently, I also joined the proprietary trading desk when it started in 1993, but left the UK desk to focus solely on position taking. During my time at J.P.Morgan I made substantial profits and was promoted to Managing Director.

In 1997 I resigned from the bank. My wife wanted to return to the US and I wanted to trade my own account.

In 2003 I started Chris Belchamber Investment Management LLC.

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