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Why stock prices are more stretched than you think

This article explains in the simplest possible terms the fragility of US equities, based on a deeper understanding of the nature of valuation and the earnings cycle. This is why a hedging strategy has become important. Why Stock Prices Are … Continue reading

The Intrinsic Value Of Gold And How Not To Be A Turkey

“An unfortunate consequence of the most recent naïve interventions is that capital preservation in the long run and capital preservation in the short run have been made mutually exclusive. We are forced, by what James Grant calls the “PhD standard” … Continue reading

Physical gold pressure further intensifies

The gold market is not behaving as a natural market. There are several relationships, demonstrated by charts in this article, that show extreme imbalances.

Unsound Money = Corrupt Society

Unsound money is special privilege to a minority, which is usually disguised and often imposed, but is always at the expense of everyone else. How is our current worldwide “experiment” with unsound money going to turn out? How is our … Continue reading

Q1 GDP Final Report, “A Sham Recovery”

“Real per capita disposable incomes took yet another hit. The astonishing annualized contraction of real per capita disposable income has now reached -9.21% — dwarfing the -7.52% contraction rate recorded in the first quarter of 2009 (the worst quarterly contraction … Continue reading

The Next 18 Months Will Redefine the Economic Orthodoxy For The West

It is not often you get the chance to listen to Kyle Bass, one of the best global macro analysts, with an astonishingly good track record through the last ten years. So many good points made here. next 18 months

Connecting the Dots

Fascinating interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. The only way we have to understand the world is by connecting the dots. This is a very information discussion that provides valuable investment insight. At the same time we need to guard … Continue reading

Why QE has failed to boost investment and jobs

Professor Alan Meltzer explains the increasingly obvious complete failure of QE policy.In the main QE has simply boosted bank deposits. This has turned the banking system into the biggest hedge fund the world has ever seen and enormous market distortions … Continue reading

How dysfunctional policy can lead to a massive stock market rally AND a declining economy

The latest bank loan and deposit data shows the absurd level of Federal Reserve produced bank deposits relative to loans. What to do with excess deposits? Speculate, of course. This is where a great deal of the inflation has gone … Continue reading

Central Banks gone wild

The accidental release of the Fed’s Advisory Panel minutes on Friday show that US policy makers are well aware of the limitations of their current policy to stimulate the economy through a manufactured “Wealth Effect”. Peter Schiff, who correctly forecast … Continue reading

Do The Math!

A brilliant and clear analysis of the accelerating breakdown in the internal math of global markets. When economic policy becomes dominated by the imperative of defending the apparently uncontrollable privilege of money printing and fractional reserve banking, the natural rules … Continue reading

Washington Signals Deep Dollar Concerns

When there is “a statistically improbable concurrence of events”, some investigation is required. I would like to hear any counter arguments as to why Paul Craig Roberts has not reached very credible conclusions. Paul Craig Roberts, is a former Assistant … Continue reading

Gold Allocation Review

An exceptionally good review about what constitutes an appropriate gold allocation. Article 122

Monetary system dysfunction revealed

Over the last 5 years total commercial bank loans and leases have been essentially unchanged. This means that virtually every incremental dollar of US “GDP growth” has come solely courtesy of Ben Bernanke’s narrow money spigot. Banks do not feel … Continue reading

Physical gold vs paper gold: waiting for the dam to break

Alasdair Macleod does a great job of analyzing the recent extraordinary price action of gold in the long term context of different groups of market participants. Article 120

The Fleecing has only begun

Core financial problems were only temporarily fixed in 2008/9. Quietly, a new framework has been put in place. The rights and definitions of deposits has clearly been adjusted, just as the system of deposit insurance has become increasingly fictional. It … Continue reading

Economics simplified. Problem, analysis, and solution

This is the best economic article I have read in a long time. In the most simple terms it describes the flaws of our current economic policies, what the real choices are, and what must be done to put the … Continue reading

IMF: $600 Trillion derivatives markets are leveraged 1000 to 1!!!

Using the IMF’s analysis the world’s $600 Trillion derivatives markets are leveraged 1000 to 1!!!!! The IMF wonders where the actual underlying collateral would be if things started to go wrong. Is this underlying fragilty part of the reason why … Continue reading

The evolution of the new “Inverse Volker” central bank policy

If you want to understand the evolution of central bank policy to the current “Inverse Volker” moment this is a brilliant and detailed description from Hinde Capital of how we got here and what may happen next. Article 116 (part … Continue reading

Global Economic Disease and Solutions

From an economic point of view our problems are not so complex. From this perspective a remedy is not so hard to find either. In these two articles, Charles Hugh Smith does a great job of simplifying the issues and … Continue reading

The GAAP in the Debt Debate

Treasury Publishes 2012 Financial Statement of the United States Government Based on generally-accepted-accounting principles—or GAAP-based accounting—the 2012 consolidated financial statements of the United States Government showed a $6.9 trillion deficit for fiscal 2012, up from $4.6 trillion in 2011. The … Continue reading

Why Expansionist Central States Inevitably Implode

Charles Hugh Smith explains in simple terms the key financial problem now facing so many developed countries. This is the underlying long term development of how government finances have typically evolved. It is unfortunate that it is so poorly understood. … Continue reading

Shadow Banking

Why QE eternity became a necessity, and why its inflation component is only temporarily delayed (109) The main piece that most current analysis misses, and which is vital to a comprehensive understanding of our current economic predicament is the role … Continue reading

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MMT Dystopia and the Ex Debt Depression

“ … not included anywhere in the Constitution was the Federal Reserve, allowing it the power to guide interest rates ever lower or infinitely purchase assets.” C Hamilton Economic policy has now defaulted into exp... link to article

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