Crowdsourcing: Combining Human and Financial Capital More Productively

Patrick Byrne has developed a company information system that crowd sources intelligence from everyone in the company to produce much better management. There are several steps to what he calls a block chain system which shifts away from centrally planned systems towards peer to peer systems which he believes combines financial and human capital in a much more healthy and productive way.  The crypto currency revolution is an extension of this thinking which could be very disruptive to many of today’s institutions.
He explains the internal mechanics of wall street, and in particular settlement, and how the market has been transformed for the worse by massive unproductive volumes and market manipulation “which has become a regular feature of our markets”.
Too much to summarize but a multitude of remarkable ideas from a philosophy Ph.D, who is also a very successful business entrepreneur, with a new and very successful business process and even a feasible plan to begin to replace Wall Street. This system has almost been built and he intends to implement it.



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