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    Best Investor Standards challenge Wall Street myths and mantras.

    Don’t waste your time and money any longer.

    CB Investment Management: Registered Investment Adviser

    Chris Belchamber, with over 37 years of professional investment experience, is once again an independent Registered Investment Adviser. Since going independent in December 2020 the company has grown 50%. No longer compromised by the restrictions of a larger asset management company, better choices are available for my clients across the board. A far greater breadth and depth of strategies are now implemented with far better execution capabilities. Clients also have far greater transparency and control over their own accounts.

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    Free Copy of Invest Like The Best

    The wisdom and experience of the great investment practitioners — our Best Investors — addresses market reality, exposes confused thinking, and reveals a clearer and surprisingly simple structure that can be easily understood and adopted.

    Your Best Investor Ranking

    Just a few questions reveal where you currently stand on Best Investor metrics. Your current assumptions, habits, and decision process can be measured against the Best Investors. Check out where there is room for development.

    Risk and Return Outlook

    Only Best Investors have deep clarity on the relationship between risk and return. Any confusion you or your advisor has will show up in suboptimal allocation and potentially damaging outcomes. Get an assessment about what issues lie in your portfolios.

    Wouldn’t you prefer both lower risk and higher returns?

    Best Investor

    Both my book and my Money Show presentation show the transformation in results of the Billionaire’s portfolios over 17 years by applying Tradesmith’s low risk “Pure Quant” methodology. Apply this tool to your own portfolios to check how efficiently you are allocated.

    20% Off Financial Planning

    Think Financial Planning is linear and simple? Or do you need constant access to the best Financial planning to help you navigate through life’s twists and turns while keeping your ultimate goals in mind. No matter what the market throws at you, you can stay on track with the right planning.

    Access to the Interactive Masterclass “Invest Like The Best”

    Go deeper into “Invest Like The Best.” Learn interactively with Chris.

    Radical Transparency, Best Investor Tools & Market Access

    Only through the best online broker can the ultimate investment options be realized.

    Investment Management

    Belchamber’s unique understanding and focus of how to combine the best available investment models can provide significant return-for-risk improvements relative to widely used benchmarks.

    Market Insights

    Our blogs, emails and postings on social media provide key insights into markets and the economy as well as updates on strategies, backed with cutting edge research explained in terms investors can understand quickly

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