Great Lakes & Atlantic Wealth Management & Advisory Partners, LLC

Great Lakes & Atlantic partners with seasoned, successful professionals like Chris Belchamber of CB Investment Management, who desire independence with infrastructure, experienced leadership and a brand beyond themselves.  Great Lakes & Atlantic (GL&A) provides operational, growth, advisory and succession resources that enable our Advisor Partners and their associates to better serve their clients.  The combination of shared services and resources available through GL&A will allow CB Investment Management to gain access to more and better resources and services from asset management, investment research & portfolio support, marketing, operations, technology and compliance through our professional support network which is an extension of the CB Investment Management team.

Our team consists of leadership with a combined experience in the financial services industry of over 50 years bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. The professional support provided by GL&A facilitates a seamless transition for our Advisor Partners when moving their business, providing continuous support and guidance for our partner firms and their clients. There are four categories essential to every advisor’s success including operations, growth, advisory and succession planning to ensure that their clients receive the best care & services and are taken care of in the event of a tragedy in an Advisor Partner’s life, offering security and protection for their clients. Great Lakes & Atlantic’s partnership with CB Investment Management ensures that these essential needs are met in addition to the other shared services available to our Advisor Partners.

Visit Great Lakes & Atlantic – www.greatlakesatlantic.com