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Upgrade Your Investment Management

As outlined in “Invest Like The Best” there are many steps and stages to upgrading your investment management. This requires different types and levels of engagement from education, to specialized services, to delivering a comprehensive investment service. CB Investment Management provides all these services so that nothing is left out in transforming investors to their fullest potential and “Best Investor” performance.
Invest Like the Best by Chris Belchamber is an Amazon #1 Bestseller

Best Investor Services

Best Investor Masterclass

The webinar version of the book “Invest Like The Best”. This is an online course to go into greater depth on an interactive basis on assessing your current investment approach and how this could be transformed by “Invest Like The Best”.

Best Investor Reporting Service

An extensive investment reporting service that generates clarity in objectives, and balanced assessment for investors who prefer to stay “hands-on” with their portfolios. Investment objectives and assessments are fundamental to investing. Are you on the right track? This enables the investor to stay as the decision-maker for the account, yet get access to “Best Investor” metrics and deep analysis of your portfolios. This is described in chapter 7 of the book but goes far beyond.

Software-Based Portfolio Advisory Service

Investment software design service. Tailored system design and signals provided. Is your 401k, or other accounts, optimally managed and rebalanced? Use software-based portfolio investing, for improved long-term performance. This was Introduced in chapters 3 and 9.

Extended Options-Based Portfolio Strategy Service

Transforms your portfolio performance for asymmetrical return/risk benefits.

Cycles-Based Allocation Strategy Service

An essential macro investing service. As the cycles turn so should your portfolio. Use software-based systems to execute optimally and consistently for full-cycle investing. This was mentioned in Chapters 3, 11, and 12.

Access to Premium Research & Cutting-Edge Technology

Combine some of the best independent research with system-based execution, and save on time and cost.

Full Discretionary
Asset Management Service

As outlined in my Amazon best-selling book “Invest Like The Best”. All the services above are combined and delivered for investors with comprehensive analysis and reporting. Full transparency and real-time views of multiple investment models in action.

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