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Learn how our diligent financial planning process may help
accomplish your unique life goals.
Financial Planning through Education with Chris Belchamber

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Our Process

As life-centered planners, we wear three different hats:

We help clients define the WHY
for the things they want to plan.

We help clients create their HOW.
The plan to help them accomplish their goals.

We help clients with their WHAT
by recommending solutions to help them accomplish their plan.

Peace of Mind through Financial Planning from Chris Belchamber

The Best Investor System

Vision Phase

We feel that before we can make recommendations, we need to have an understanding about our clients’ life plan. We believe money should be used as a tool to help us improve our lives and the lives of the ones around us. During the Vision Phase, we take the time to construct a plan to meet our clients’ needs and wants.

Introductory Meeting: To share how we help our clients, and to find out if we are a good fit for each other.

Discovery Meeting: To learn about our clients and discuss what they want to plan for.

Design Meeting: To share the customized plan we feel will help our clients make their desires a reality.

Analysis Phase

During the Analysis Phase we start to give recommendations on what we feel are the four main financial planning topics.

Investment Management Meeting: To define investment management based on the required return to accomplish the plan. We will explain how we helpour clients with their investment management needs.

Tax Planning Meeting: To determine possible strategies to help lower tax liability.

Employer’s Benefits Review Meeting: To find out what benefits our clients can take advantage of.

Insurance Review Meeting: To review all coverage, including life, disability, health, home, car, and liability, to help transfer unwanted risk to insurance companies.

Planning Phase

During the Planning Phase, the plan comes to life. We continue to work on other personal topics and work with our clients with planning exercises to help dream a little.

Lifeline Exercise Meeting: To help open discussions about planned and possible unplanned life transitions that may affect our clients’ financial future.
Debt Management & Cash Flow Flexibility Planning Meeting: To help guide our clients with balancing debt leverage and the financial risk it may bring.
College Affordability Meeting: To help determine the return on investment on an education and the most efficient way to pay for it.
Estate Planning Meeting: To discuss documents needed to define wishes in case of incapacitation or death.
Charitable Giving Meeting: To help clients define effective solutions to support their charitable inclinations.

Optimization Phase

Within the Optimization Phase, we review each of the financial planning topics regularly. Life changes and a plan may change accordingly.

Here’s the planned schedule:

Investment Planning Review: Market Update sent weekly – reports sent quarterly

Plan Review: Reports sent quarterly – review when needed

Tax Planning & Cash Flow Management Review: Once a year (after tax season)

Return on Life Planning: Once a year (end of year planning meeting)

Insurance Planning Review: Every three years (or when needed)

Estate Planning Review: Every three years (or when needed)

Charitable Giving Review: Every three years (or when needed)

Employer Benefit Review: When needed

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