Transform Your Investment Mindset. Transform Your Long Term Wealth Accumulation.

Free Webinar 7pm to 8pm Monday November 5th

Transform Your Investment Mindset. Transform Your Long Term Wealth Accumulation.

The challenge of becoming a successful long term investor is rarely addressed in full. Without the proper foundation the markets will find out your flaws sooner or later.

The starting point is awareness and humility, because the bad news is that none of us are hardwired to be successful investors.

The Good News is that something can be done to turn this around but this needs self work and developing a well designed checklist.

Design is key too, and this means focusing on what really matters, and this means choosing the right assessment metrics.

Is your sole investment assessment metric returns? If so what was your position at the bubble highs? When did that metric tell you to sell in the previous bubbles of LTCM in 1998, Tech stocks in 2000, or stocks in general in 2008?

Did your risk assessment cause you to lower risk before September this year? Do you measure and map risk, and return to risk in your portfolio? What are the current measures?

What portfolio performs well in all 4 combinations of growth and inflation?

How would your portfolio do in each of the four quadrants over a 40 year period?

It all starts from your investment mindset.  The sooner you fully develop your investment mindset to align yourself with the most successful investors the better.

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.“ Warren Buffett.

Join me on Monday November 5th, at 7pm, to develop the best investment mindset for you, and see the current cycle position and what it says about the markets right now.


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